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The Headwaters Eco Lodge at Camp Glenorchy

what is adventures in paradise?

Adventures in Paradise offers beautiful, all-inclusive getaways that take you from airport to mountain top, busy to relaxed,
and stressed to peaceful.

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Why go on aN adventure in paradise?

Enjoy the care and personalised service The Headwaters Eco Lodge is known for, and discover the best of this magical place.
Glenorchy, New Zealand

Come immerse yourself in the natural beauty you've always dreamed of, and discover magical places off the beaten track where few travellers get to go. Delight your senses and indulge your spirit of adventure exploring the head of the lake in the heart of the mountains.

Visit Glenorchy, New Zealand

Once you book your getaway, you can fully enjoy yourself and leave the rest to us. Begin relaxing before you even arrive, knowing we’ve taken care of every detail, from meals to transport to guiding and special moments of delight throughout your experience with us.

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You'll be staying at New Zealand's most sustainably-designed accommodation, keeping your travel footprint light. And you'll enjoy knowing profits from your experience are donated to the Glenorchy Community Trust to benefit school children, the land, and projects that keep our community vibrant and strong.

Camp Glenorchy, NZ

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We’re not in the business of creating worry or anxiety. In fact, quite the opposite. When booking our Getaways you can be assured that:

  • Lifetime deposits are fully transferable across dates and getaways, and will never expire!
  • Bookings are transferable across travellers. Can’t make it? Find a friend to take your spot.
  • Need to make a change? We're always just an email or phone call away. Rest assured we're here to serve.
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Animals at Paradise in Glenorchy
Read our CoVID Policy. Lifetime transferable deposits and hassle-free re-booking.